Luleå Biennial 2018

The Iron Cage
Po Tidholm
Photo: Cameron Wittig. Design: Carl Anders Skoglund

For the sound reportage The Iron Cage, the journalist Po Tidholm, together with the photographer Cameron Wittig, went on three journeys through northwestern United States and one in northern Sweden in order to explore the effect of the global economy of raw material on local communities, mentality and people’s lives.

What actually happened to the mine in Pajala? And how will it work out with the relocation of Kiruna?

All episodes of The Iron Cage are online here:

See Wittig’s photos from The Iron Cage here:

Original score: The Tallest Man On Earth / Kristian Matsson
Photography: Cameron Wittig
Sound production: Nils Svennem Lundberg
Design: Carl Anders Skoglund
Editing: Anders Teglund
Produced with the support of Kulturbryggan, Svenska institutet and Publicistklubben.